Tradeshow Neon Anamorphic

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Neon Tradeshow was a project brought to Sweet Renders by Render Impact. The project was to create a looping anamorphic pillar for a tradeshow event to show off the capabilities of the LEDs. The timeline for this project was short, but with the experienced team at Sweet Renders, a sweet animation was delivered! Check out the behind the scenes below!

The Process

1. First step was blocking out the surface space for the purpose of determining the depth and scale of the container. A human model was inserted to get an idea of the general eye level of the people that would be viewing the screen. We used this to help us set up the camera and corner pin to make the illusion as effective as possible.

Block Out Phase

2. The client wanted to add a looping element into the design. After sending them some references, it was decided to build a spiral down the center where neon spheres would travel down the length of the board. This movement would also allow passerby's eye to travel down the full length of the board to take in more of the smaller pieces hidden in the background.

Final Spiral Loop

3. In order to introduce some variance in depth, we began creating other blocks within the space. Some HUD elements were then placed in the scene to add fine detail. These elements included: client logos, patterns, shapes, textures, and other types of graphics to help bring the content to life!

Final Full Hud Image

What we've delivered

After less than a week of design time we created an exciting staple piece for the client! Please see the final rendering below!

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