3D Anamorphic Tradeshow Car

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Render Impact reached out once again for a tight turnaround anamorphic illusion for a trade show. The client wanted specific elements from a commercial they filmed, and an anamorphic that would work within the close proximity of their booth.

The Process

1. Since the client had a pretty good idea of what they wanted for this concept, our priority was to build out the space and get the client’s approval prior to purchasing the necessary elements. This would make it easier for us as everything would be approved prior to compositing.

First room model

2. Next we added in the client provided assets and then began lighting the space. These elements included featured text and logos that connected our piece to their branding and previous commercial releases.

Car with added elements and background pieces

3. Our last step was adding the movement. The car needed to have movement on its own, and it also needed to remain on the platform that would bring it towards the viewers in order to generate the illusion. This involved rigging the car as well as the pad that the car would be sitting and rotating on.

What we've delivered

We were able to deliver this amazing, close proximity anamorphic illusion to our client! Please see the final render of the deliverable below!

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