Plant Walls - Austin, TX

Anamorphic, Realism, Environmental


Render Impact collaborated with us again on another opportunity to design for a large LED located behind the front desk of a new business complex. The client wanted a series of plant walls featuring different environments that could be exchanged to fit the mood or events featured within the workspace. With a focus of sustainability being one of the key purposes of the building’s design, we wanted to take these walls beyond a simple flower landscape.

The brief

1. During the starting phase of the project, we needed to consider the surrounding interior design & architecture. Seeing as our LED canvas as partially obstructed by a diagonal section of the wall by design, we had to take the obstruction into consideration while blocking out our scene and designing our lighting. We aimed to make the scene look like there was an open natural space behind the diagonal section of wall.

Block Environment First Stage

2. Animating the plants was the next step. We worked with the client to curate and source what plants they would like to have in each piece. We then began working with the plant animations to provide subtle movement that would loop perfectly.

3. For texturing and lighting, we used a skylight light source to make it feel as if the space led to the outside. It was important to consider plant depth on the wall due to how the shadows may cast on the surfaces within the space.

Finished Lighting

4. We then did a rinse and repeat for the other four variations while adjusting the environments and lighting accordingly.

Five Plant Walls

What we've delivered

The plant walls have changed the environment and vibe of the entry space into the building. Please see the final works in motion below.

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