Pacific Northwest Walk Through

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Render Impact connected with us again to work on an amazing walk-through project for a client in the Pacific Northwest. Viewers would be walking under 3 large LED arches while entering and the client wanted to create pieces that would connect to the Pacific Northwest. We created 2 wonderful environments for them, featuring a beautiful forest  time-lapse and a serene meadow with an amazing view of Mount Rainier!

The Process

1. First we pulled together some images to allow the client to see what direction we planed to go with each piece. While the client decided what direction to go we set up our project and built out the scene to show how the LED's would connect with each other to avoid as many seams as possible when we created the artwork.

Original Example Image sent for Mt. Rainier piece
Simple block layout of the LED Arches

2. We then began building out the worlds that would be segmented on these boards by sourcing plants, trees, mountains and other features common to the Pacific Northwest and placing them into the worlds while sending progress pictures to show proper scaling.

Common trees used in the project
Image of ground with bare trees for visibility
Scaling example

3. We then moved onto texturing, lighting, and compositing to make both scenes as realistic as possible. We sent this along to the client prior to adding the in small natural movements in order to ensure approval once the motion was added.

Mt. Rainier full environment render
Forest Location Full Render at Sunrise

4. Last but not least was adding the subtle motion to each full render and then breaking it up amount the screens we had blocked out in step one.

What we've delivered

Two beautiful elements that allow those walking through the space to get a taste of outside in the casino! Please see our pieces featured at the 1:30 mark and the 6:25 mark in the 360 video below posted by Render Impact!

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