LaGuardia - Queens, NY

Anamorphic, Realism, Dual Screen


LaGuardia Airport, located in Queens, NY, is one of the most iconic airports on the east coast of the United States. While going through their most recent renovation Render Impact reached out to us with an opportunity to work on a double anamorphic illusion in one of the airports terminals. Two corner screens separated by an escalator would become a space where you could see two illusions at once when standing at the right location.

The Process

1. Concepting was a large portion of this project. From simulating the onboarding/flight experience to recreating the terminal, we provided several options for the client to choose from. Ultimately they decided to recreate their updated terminal space while having branded logos popping out towards the viewers of the piece.

2. Since both boards were the same physical size, we were able to block out for one screen scenario and then flip it for the other side. The view point chosen by the client would impact a viewer walking toward the escalator rather then focusing on those waiting in the terminals below the screens. We then had to recreate the main pieces of the terminal to give them an idea of the layout within the LED surface.

3. Texturing, lighting, and compositing were next to ensure that the space would match the new terminal design. We also had to source human models that would fit in the background space and incorporate images of the city in the windows.

4. Perfecting the motion and refine the shadows was the last step of the project. The client was particular about how the shadows would display in order to enhance the anamorphic illusion further. We had to use a combination of AE and Cinema to get the desired effect due to how the scene was lit from two different locations, inside the terminal and facing the logo.

What we've delivered

LaGuardia’s one of a kind double anamorphic illusion promotes its brand and brings new life to its already incredible space.

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