Infinite Laser Room

Forced Perspective, Unreal, Reflections


We partnered with Render Impact once again to deliver a forced perspective piece. Due to the location of the board the idea arose of creating a space to look into. As the client was looking for several unique creatives it was ultimately determined that we would head toward a more neon theme, with lasers that would endlessly flow down the hallway space. It was important for the sequence to loop due to unknown possible run times and adjustments we knew Unreal would be the best program to allow for easier real time changes while speaking with the client.

Hallway and Laser Path

Positioning of the Lasers
Adding Light Coloration

Final Hallway

What We've Delivered

Below is a staple making entry piece for our client. It was requested we then deliver this file as a 5K piece for inside the location as well and thanks to working in Unreal we were able to make the adjustments for these additional screens quickly and at a low cost to our client. Please see this incredible endless hallway creation below!

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