Force Perspective Hotel Entryway

Forced Perspective, Industrial, Close Proximity


We partnered with Render Impact to develop a close proximity forced perspective illusion that would tie in the aesthetic of the building while also further promoting the brand upon checking in. The client had discussed objects cascading down the screen over the two doorways, before filling up and dropping off, to make a complete 30 second loop.

The Process

1. We first built out the screen, then blocked out the space and the doors that would be cut out from the screen surface. This included us taking the physical dimensions of the structure in order to recreate it to scale within our 3D software. Working in real-world scale is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of the illusion and ensuring accuracy in our physics simulations.

Block-out Phase

2. Building the environment to match the building's unique vibe was our next step. With the building still being incomplete, we used an assortment pre-visualization renders from the construction project as reference for our modern industrial stair case.

Viewport image of Staircase Design

3. To texture and light the space effectively, we continued to look at images provided by the client to ensure the room would feel as if it was a continuation of the lobby.

Final Lighting and Texturing

4. For the cascading objects that were requested, the client had suggested using a dodecahedron design to be able to tie in additional branding placement in the lobby.

Client Supplied Reference
Final Dodecahedron Design

5. Lastly, we applied the animation to the piece. This included the dodecahedrons descending down the staircase and filling the conveyed 3D space. Once the majority of the space was filled, we then animated an exit scene for the animation to loop appropriately.

Mid Movement Example
Final Movement Overflow

What we've delivered

Hotel 42 now has a completely original branded forced perspective illusion for their front desk space. Please see the final delivery below:

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