Casino Force Perspective Coin

Force Perspective, Modeling, Texturing


This forced perspective coin animation is yet another project brought to us by Render Impact. The client was looking for a unique piece of content to place in between their current promotional rotation. The intention was to highlight the uniqueness of the large curved screen, while also drawing the eyes of onlookers with constant motion. See the process and development of this piece below!

The Process

1. In concepting, we wanted to ensure there was a significant amount of movement without overwhelming the viewers. Due to the horizontal length of the display, one piece of content stretching the entire screen would likely miss the mark due to the multiple viewing angles. To solve these issues, we decided to build out multiple rooms that would off-set in time to keep the screen in constant movement.

2. We then created the basic shape of the room and decided on two elements we would create: A token/coin forced showcase piece, and a cascading coin jackpot waterfall. For the showcase piece, a coin would be large and displayed in the center of the screen. The waterfall/jackpot-esque motion on the other screens would also use the main coin designed in the showcase piece, but a large amount of them would cascade off the bottom edge of each room.

3. We then built out the motion and lighting the scene to fit the environment and match the vibe the casino. We built two rooms and would offset the waterfall rooms in time to fill in the rest of the board.

4. Last but not least we needed to piece the items together and set the timeline for the rooms.

What we've delivered

Please beautiful animation that runs in between their promotions that matches the aesthetic and energy that the client wanted to portray.

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