Space & Branded Anamorphic

Anamorphic, Open Space, Impactful


Render Impact reached out with the opportunity to create two pieces for a newly installed LED entryway in Miami: two anamorphic illusions. These would take the form of using a branded logo and creating a space environment with doors that open into it.

The Process

1. For the space world, we would feature elements from their newest locations such as buildings, statutes, and helicopters. The observer's eye level and a doorway that  in the surface, were the main obstacles that needed to be mapped out to avoid placing the assets in unwanted areas.

Space concept simple Layout for door
Guide Layout

3. Next was building out the path of motion for the main elements. Due to the location of the door on this installation, we had to make sure the travel paths for the illusions did not cross into it's frame. We used the same process for the logo piece.

4. Enhancing the environment, adding in lighting and texturing was our next task. Due to the layout of the screen we used different movements and elements to fill in the areas that felt empty. For this space scene this meant adding multi-dimensional movements to the elements. For the 11 piece this meant using the lighting to pull their viewers eye from the space toward the logo, an placing some branding on the back right of the surface.

What we've delivered

These attention grabbing entry pieces allow for the our client to set a standard for their clients before they walk through the door!

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